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Michael Miller

Executive Chef

25447051891_efb6a2dbf0_kExecutive Chef Michael Miller combines an obsession with quality and understanding of San Francisco’s food the way only a native could.

Miller is in Comstock’s open kitchen creating dishes that connect to our unique geography and demographics. Catch him teaming shellfish with Mediterranean and Asian ingredients and making his own beer sausage in house.

“I cook the food of San Francisco,” says the fifth-generation local. “I’m not from Genoa or Tuscany. I know the cultural identity of this place.”

Thanks to coursework with noted salumiere and charcutier Francois Vecchio and working butchery in kitchens, Miller also brings a muscular appreciation of house-made charcuterie to the rebooted Comstock menu.

A Piccino and Boulevard alum, Miller credits his cooking sensibilities and love of efficient kitchen systems to the chefs he’s worked under, especially Rachel Sillcocks and Ravi Kapur.

Miller also supported Jason Tallent’s seasonal menus at the now-closed Globe restaurant. He helped Brett Emerson create a love letter to Barcelona at Contigo. Miller was the opening sous chef at the private Battery Club. And he made charcuterie and breads from scratch at Melons Catering.

Now he’s leading his own kitchen. In Miller’s hands Comstock’s frontier flavors have become more cosmopolitan. And Miller’s cooking works in harmony with Comstock’s nationally recognized bar program. He’s a perfect match for enthusiastic North Beach crowds drawn to this former red-light district, says Jonny Raglin, Director of Bars for The Absinthe Group.

“Foremost, Comstock reflects the bouillabaisse of immigrant histories and Barbary Coast edginess that made this neighborhood great. With Michael’s technique and understanding of his hometown, our guests now have even more reason to revel and relax here.”