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“Comstock Saloon in San Francisco offers a caviar-topped mozzarella stick, that features a huge 6 oz. mozzarella stick coated in panko, served with saffron aioli, Tsar Nicoulai caviar, and gold leaf. Chef Jason Raffin at Comstock is always thinking of ways to make the dining experience more fun and the goal of his menu is to not take itself too seriously,” via Forbes, December 2018.

8 Legit Bay Area Restaurants and Bars with Live Music

“Chef Jason Raffin recently updated Comstock’s menu, elevating deviled eggs with nori powder and tuna tartare with unicorn juice (you have to see it to believe it). But it may be the hella cool vibe once the music starts that keeps drawing the crowds here, kicking any evening into high gear. Enjoy the best views of the band from the balcony, where it is absolutely apropos to sip a Cherry Bounce cocktail while swaying to the beat” via Blackboard Eats, December 2018.

$20 Mozz Stick on Facebook

Video showcasing our $20 Mozz Stick, via Tastemade, October 2018.

These Spins on Mac and Cheese Take Our Favorite Classic to the Next Level

Features our Lo Mein Cacio e Pepe as a spin on the classic Mac and Cheese dish, via Forbes, September 2018.

San Francisco layover: Where to go when your time is limited

Only in a San Francisco for a short layover? “Comstock Saloon is another bar favorite, especially for those who like strong cocktails with a historical bent — the bar itself is meticulously preserved from 1907” via SF Gate, July 2018.