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San Francisco Holiday Guide: How to see the golden city in a day

Comstock Saloon is named one of the best bars in this round up of San Francisco landmarks. Read the full article on T3, January 2018.

How To Make An Elon Musk Cocktail

Director of Bars for The Absinthe Group, Jonny Raglin demonstrates how to make the “Afternoon Delight” cocktail inspired by Elon Musk in this video by Forbes, November 2017.

Why You Should Visit The Absinthe Group’s Restaurant Empire

“North Beach’s old-fashioned bar features canoe oar ceiling fans, Victorian furniture, and live jazz music. Excellent cocktails and hearty bar fare are on the menu. Pro tip: Comstock is open for lunch every Friday. Order two adult beverages and lunch is free!” Read the full article on Haute Living, October 2017.

11 Best Bars in San Francisco

“There are few more ideal places from which to take in the North Beach tourist parade, or look into San Francisco’s history, than the big-windowed bar of Comstock Saloon,” read more on Conde Nast Traveler, October 2017.

The TODAY Show: unique cocktails across the United States

Comstock Saloon’s “Cherry bounce” cocktail is highlighted in this segment about unique cocktails across the United States on The Today Show, July 2017.